32″  x 32″
Quilt available for sale.
Pattern available. Purchase the PDF here.
Bzzzzzz Enamel Pin available. Purchase a pin here.

I designed Bzzzzzz over the course of many major winter storms. There was so much snow, I could barely see the beehives out the windows of my studio. Bzzzzzz is a reminder that during the coldest of days, spring and warmer weather will eventually arrive. I love bees for many reasons, but my main inspiration was that this mini-quilt would be a reminder that winter would (hopefully) soon disappear and the bees would emerge.

accolades & exhibitions
• QuiltWeek, Paducah 2016, Small Wall Quilts category
Paducah, Kentucky

• QuiltCon 2016, Small Quilts category
Pasadena, California

• Schweinfurth Art Center, Quilts=Art=Quilts Exhibit
Auburn, New York
October 31, 2015–January 3, 2016

• Quilt Alliance “Animals We Love”, 2015
First Place and Mark Lipinski Judge’s Choice
Because the quiltmaker took a creative risk and interpreted the competition’s theme in a totally different way and style than the other entrants, Bzzzzz immediately caught my attention and interest. The pieced work, with its clean and graphic design shapes, was appealing to me. Blending a combination of the modern aesthetic (more than average negative space, solid and contrasting color combos, a sense of minimalism) with traditional piecework (matching points, traditional quilting, a variation on a traditional Lone Star quilt pattern) was both interesting and appealing. The use of the grey and black pieced strips in the bees’ wings adds movement and depth, while the soft hued binding only complements the totality of the piece rather than abruptly stopping the eye with a more predictable choice of bright yellow, black, or grey. Frankly, there was nothing that I didn’t enjoy about this entry.”  —Mark Lipinski



Bzzzzzz (bee) quilt framed for home, hospitality, hotel decor. Custom licensed art by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio.


6 thoughts on “Bzzzzzz

  1. I love this quilt! The link to the PDF is no longer working. Do you know where I could purchase the pattern? Thank you!

  2. I’m curious how you did the honeycomb quilting around the hive. It looks so perfect! BTW, love this!

    • Hi Carolyn. This was an extra special quilt sample for me. I actually marked the points of the honeycomb with a template and followed that as I quilted. I did want single quilt lines (vs. requilting over lines I had previously quilted), so I did a lot of stops and starts and buried the thread tails. It was definitely a labor of love! Thanks for checking out my website!

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