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Best in Show
SQUAM Modern Quilt Show, 2016
Circles in Squares
Craftsy Quilt Designer Fellowship
2016 Winner

Honorable Mention and Mark Lipinski Judge’s Choice
Quilt Alliance “Playing Favorites” Contest, 2016
Up and Away Mini Quilt
Third Place: Large Wall Quilts, Modern
Quilt Week, Paducah 2016

Big Love
First Place and Mark Lipinski Judge’s Choice
Quilt Alliance “Animals We Love” Contest, 2015

First Place: Small Quilts
QuiltCon 2015 in Austin, TX

What’s the frequency, love?
First Place: Art–Abstract Quilts
at Northern Star Quilt Guild/A World of Quilts 2015

View of NYC from the Whitestone Bridge at 47mph
Winner of 4th annual Modern Quilt Guild Challenge, 2014
Picnic Petals
Announcement of winners
Announcement of top nine finalists

exhibitions and juried shows

SQUAM Modern Quilt Show
September 17, 2016
Holderness, New Hampshire
Circles in Squares

The Artist and Quiltmaker XVII
Firelands Asssocation for the Visual Arts
May 15–July 31, 2016
Oberlin, Ohio

View of NYC from the Whitestone Bridge at 47mph

Quilt Week Paducah
April 20–23, 2016
Paducah, Kentucky

Big Love

QuiltCon 2016
Pasadena, California
Circles in Squares
Lots o’ Dots
Picnic Petals
Big Love

Texas Quilt Museum
Modern Quilt Exhibit
January 7–March 27, 2016
La Grange, Texas

Schweinfurth Art Center
Quilts=Art=Quilts Exhibit
October 31, 2015–January 3, 2016
Auburn, New York
View of NYC from the Whitestone Bridge at 47mph

International Quilt Festival, 2015
Modern Quilt Special Exhibit
Houston, Texas
Big Love

American Quilter’s Society Quilt Week, 2015
Grand Rapids, Michigan


The National Quilting Association Annual Quilt Show, 2015
Little Rock, Arkansas

Picnic Petals

Northern Star Quilt Guild/A World of Quilts 2015
Somers, New York

View of NYC from the Whitestone Bridge at 47mph

QuiltCon 2015
Austin, Texas

What’s the frequency, love?
Convergence #2
April Showers

in print

modernpatchwork_fall2016cover_small Modern Patchwork Magazine, Fall 2016
Deco Daybreak Quilt
modernpatchwork_summer-cover Modern Patchwork Magazine, Summer 2016
Up, Down, All Around Quilt
Make It! Patchwork, Summer 2016
Shifted Houndstooth Placemats
Modern Patchwork Magazine, Spring 2016
Paparazzi Quilt
IMG_2080scifaldi_web New Haven Register, February 7, 2016
Woodbridge woman’s award-winning quilts
S0594 Modern Patchwork Magazine, Fall 2015
Shifted Houndstooth Placemats
Quiltcon2015_300_1024x1024-222x300 QuiltCon Magazine, February 2015
Picnic Petals Quilt
120_Cover-180x233 American Quilt Retailer, December 2014
Picnic Petals Quilt


Michael Miller Fabrics, Making It Fun blog
Guest Blogger

Picnic Petals Quilt
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Southern Connecticut Modern Quilt Guild blog
Hadley Challenge Spotlight

Wednesday, July 20, 2014

what they said:

Mark Lipinski, Judge for Quilt Alliance “Playing Favorites” Contest, 2016
Up and Away Mini Quilt

This entry is an original paper-pieced composition, a drifting hot air balloon, with an intentional modern design sensibility. On first impression, the simple templates and pieced colors jump off of the solid white background, drawing me in. I found the overall impact of the work fresh and clean. The shapes within the balloon widen and grow, from slivers of lime green (representing the balloon’s flame) through various blues and finally to deep red- and blue-toned purples, giving the small quilt both heft and dimension. I thought the artist’s fabric choices thoughtful and effective—primarily solid colors with just the slightest bit of minimalistic patterned fabric tossed into the mix. The quilting is simple but efficient, made up of clean and clear straight lines that accent the shapes within the balloon, contrasted with the slightly wavy lines quilted in the background. I really appreciated the white binding the designer used, as almost any other color would have felt heavy and constraining.”
Mark Lipinski, Judge for Quilt Alliance “Animals We Love” Contest, 2015
Bzzzzzz Mini Quilt

Because the quiltmaker took a creative risk and interpreted the competition’s theme in a totally different way and style than the other entrants, Bzzzzz immediately caught my attention and interest. The pieced work, with its clean and graphic design shapes, was appealing to me. Blending a combination of the modern aesthetic (more than average negative space, solid and contrasting color combos, a sense of minimalism) with traditional piecework (matching points, traditional quilting, a variation on a traditional Lone Star quilt pattern) was both interesting and appealing. The use of the grey and black pieced strips in the bees’ wings adds movement and depth, while the soft hued binding only complements the totality of the piece rather than abruptly stopping the eye with a more predictable choice of bright yellow, black, or grey. Frankly, there was nothing that I didn’t enjoy about this entry.”

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